Competing for A Physique Show: Helping the Fitness Competitor with Her Sex Drive

This a typical first day conversation with a fitness competitor which we call Fitness Bunny (FB)
CP: How can I help you?
FB: I am competing for a fitness show, and every single time I get ready for a show, my sex drive plummets, which creates havoc on my relationship at home. We fight constantly about it. Any suggestions before he runs up a bill on porn and Kleenex boxes? At the rate he is going, his forearms will be bigger than Chuck Sipes.
CP: Loss of libido in females preparing for fitness/physique shows is very common.
Common but not normal. Common and normal are not always synonyms.
There are multiple reasons for why you would lose sex drive, and what you can do about it.  How much as your training volume gone up for the show?

FB: In the off season, I normally do only 4 workouts a week of weights, and 2 of cardio.
Now I have bumped it out to 6 workouts of weights a week at lunch time, 6 cardio workouts in the morning on an empty stomach. Plus, I do practice posing, and fitness routines in the evening, and of course 2 gymnastics classes a week. Oh, I also do 2 Bikram yoga classes a week.
CP: Which day of the week do you actually do personal hygiene and sleep?
FB: What do you mean?
CP: That is more training volume than the women I coached who became Olympic medalists in speed-skating. In my personal opinion, such volume is counter productive, and a waste of precious energy, and it is an entirely different topic. The total training volume you are undergoing is of course associated with loads of sweating, which leads to excessive mineral loss. Lowering your magnesium and zinc status will lower your DHEA production. Hence, reason number 1 for losing sex drive.
Have a low magnesium makes you more hyper-responsive to stress, hence your cortisol shoots up abnormally. Overall increase in stress steals pregnenolone from DHEA pathways to make more cortisol. Pregnenolone is the “building brick” of both the “DHEA and cortisol houses”. So again, less DHEA made, reason number 2 for losing sex drive. Every workout you do, you make cortisol, stealing more pregnenolone, so less DHEA is made. Reason number 3 for less sex drive.

FB: What am I supposed to do then?
CP: First, here is an HCL testing kit. (A qualified Biosignature Practitoner will provide this to you.)
At no point should you be taking any supplements unless your HCL levels have been optimized.
Then as a start, you will take 2 PolyMag Px after every single workout, and 4 Übermag at diner. I also want you to take 6 VasculoGuard Px spread out during the day, plus 1 Über Zinc Px twice a day. Finally, for improved quality and quantity of sleep, forty five minutes before you go to bed, apply 2 squirts of Topical Mag behind each knee. What are the top two things you learned today?

1. Excessive sweat loss makes me lose two important minerals that affect my sex drive.  2. Being under such high training stress lowers my DHEA production, hence I have to nutritionally support my DHEA production.
CP: Exactly, I am sure you sleep terribly, tomorrow, we will address how to fix that. Ciao for now.